#No Censor Podcast

Rents in Accra and evil Landlords will scam you | No Censor Podcast EPISODE 10

December will see a lot of influx of people looking for short and long stay during the Christmas holidays, be very careful when dealing with real estate agents or simply agents/middle men when looking for accommodation in Accra this December.

Our guest on episode 10 of our monthly podcast #NOCENSOR from right @tbskwes @handsomefellah @mzorstin @kwaku_ share their ordeals with dealing with scrupulous landlords and agent in Accra.

The NO Censor Podcast powered by Hunukane Radio is a non conventional set of Generation Ys and Zs who meets to share their opinions on pressing issues as Ghanaian and the diaspora.

Recorded in Hunukane studio here in Abelenkpe – Accra.