Life as a unicyclist in Ghana | Shadaz & Shawmi

Not everybody gets to see what a unicyclist can really do unless they’ve had the opportunity to spot them practicing some tricks. Freestyle Freestyle is the oldest discipline of unicycling, consisting of smoother, more flowing strings of tricks.

It is commonly practiced as part of the individual, partner, and group routines, often performed at competitions. Freestyle is almost always done on unicycles with 20″ tires, short cranks and a white tire that won’t mark gym floors. Flatland In flatland unicycling, riders perform tricks on flat ground. Flatland tricks typically consist of unispins, crankflips, and rolls.

These tricks are stringed together to make combos. In competition, riders battle against each other, 1 on 1, attempting to perform the most difficult, stylish combos. Street Street unicycling is a combination of trials and flatland unicycling. Street unicycling includes doing trips onto, off of and across obstacles and includes many aspects of trials and flatland unicycling as well as some other skills such as grinding rails and catching tricks in the air.

MATI MOHAMMED is a unicyclist who hails from Newtown, a suburb of Tema in the Greater Accra Region… He practices the above disciplines of unicycling and further incorporates his own unique and daring stunts… ENJOY!!