#No Censor Podcast

Episode 1 :The Ghanaian Creative Industry, Ghana Vs. Nigeria, Payola and more

The homies talk about Ghana vs Nigerian music industry comparison, Growing up in Ghana, creative art, amapiano takeover, patriotism, purchasing made in Ghana, bad governance, sports, payola and more .

Guest from left @tbskwes @handsomefellah @mzorstin @kwaku_c @richard_augustt @templegramme The NO Censor Podcast powered by Hunukane Radio is a nonconventional set of Generation Ys and Zs who meets to share their opinions on pressing issues as Ghanaian and the diaspora.

In this first episode, the homies talk about Ghana Vs Nigerian music industry which is heated now with Shatta Wale and Burna Boy on the display.

They also talk about payola, lack of resources and implementation of laws governing the music business in Ghana, are Ghanaians patriotic? Bad leadership, Ghana sport, and the current #amapiono taking over in West Africa, specifically Ghana. Shot in Hunukane studio here in Abelenkpe – Accra.