Sarkodie is right ! | Ghana radio presenters ask unintelligent questions | NO CENSOR PODCAST E08

On this Episode of our no Censor podcast, we are having a conversation about how low and unprofessional some Ghanaian journalist are with their works.

This episode has been recorded for almost a year now and its shocking how things we discussed here are in line with Sarkodie’s issue with Ghanaian radio presenters and journalists. 

Sarkodie is so right, Ghanaians are just hypocritic and hates the truth, a lot of radio presenters don’t even have qualifications to be on radio or tv, these no talent having ass people have saturated our airways to an extend that if you are not intelligent yourself, you will buy any bull crap they push out there.

As a country if we want to see change, we definitely have to be the change. its about time we hire people based on knowledge and ability than light skinned having people who is believed to be more appealing to audience.

The NO Censor Podcast powered by Hunukane Radio is a nonconventional set of Generation Ys and Zs who meets to share their opinions on pressing issues as Ghanaian and the diaspora.

 Shot in Hunukane studio here in Abelenkpe – Accra. @2022 HUNUKANE