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Hunukane Person of the Year 2021 – Ibrahim Mahama

Every year Hunukane will set to honour personalities that made a difference in  their respective field to affect change, inspire or drive his people to make a change by putting the entire country on the map.

To start with this year under review, we’ve come across Ibrahim Mahama, one of the most exciting artists to emerge from Ghana in recent years, who uses the transformation of materials to explore themes of commodity, migration, globalisation and economic exchange and continue his exploration of Ghana’s half-forgotten past.

Mahama opened the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art in his home-town of Tamale this year, providing an artist-run project space, exhibition and research hub, cultural repository and artists’ residency, built by his father, a building contractor.

He also established The Parliament of Ghosts, a place of many gatherings using the failures of history as a starting point of artistic production.

The constitution of labour is at the center of the universe and it has no limits, for it is important to pay attention to the gift economy with these uncertain and difficult times so the generations which emerge from the crisis can create new values and systems not just based on circulation of capital but through an act of will. The introduction of play into the place of gatherings might yet be the next revolution with this century?”Ibrahim Mahama

Mahama’s work has been presented in numerous international exhibitions, including Documenta 14, Athens and Kassel (2017); An Age of Our Own Making, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen and Holbæk (2016); Fracture, Tel Aviv Art Museum, Israel (2016); All the World’s Futures, 56th Venice Biennale, Venice (2015); Artist’s Rooms, K21, Dusseldorf (2015); and Material Effects, The Broad Art Museum, Michigan (2015) and most recently at the 58th Venice Biennale (2019) as one of the artists in the acclaimed Ghana Pavilion and 22nd Sydney Biennale and received Principal Prince Claus Award Of 2020.