Kay Ara drops visuals for MPAEBO off his “For Those In The Middle” album

“Boys don’t cry, and men do not shed tears””Bɛɛma nsu” is associated with the African culture about what society expects from men in typical chaotic or challenging situations. Consistent with this proverb is the reports about the likelihood that at every first year of life males are more likely to die than their female counterparts

According to an article published by J Psychiatry. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2015 Nov 1, the prevalence of mild depression was 6.7% and 2.7% in Ghana and South Africa, respectively, with a gender difference only in Ghana. Factors independently associated with depression among women in Ghana were migration and lack of current work.

This beautiful music film put together by @kay__ara and the good people at Third Eye Montage (@bread9fe x @stylesfreegh ) of which Hunukane is an affiliate talks about a Black Male dying inside a river of depression!

This is to constantly remind you to check on your “strong” friends! They come across as very strong but in their lonely hours, they fight the toughest battles with themselves.