Black Sherif, The People’s Champ?

Over the years, there’s been a number of hip-hop/rap cats who ruled and still rule the hip-hop scene in Ghana, the likes of Obrafuor, Lord Kenya, Edem, Kwaw Kesse, E.L, Manifest, Jayso, JoeyB, Sarkodie to Kwesi Arthur. Most of these guys were only mic-gods for a minute while others managed to make a full-blown rap career that lasted over a decade or 2.

Along the line we’ve seen a few young ones sprout out. It’s always refreshing to hear a new act breakthrough the music scene every once in a while. After the release of his First and Second Sermon series which eventually shot him into stardom, earning him a couple of international collabs and his first feature with Burna Boy where he eventually joined Burna Boy on his tour, Blacko as popularly known has become the people’s Champ and it seems he is here to stay. 

Hunukane News is taking an in depth analysis on Blacko’s artistry to fish out why he’s so special at what he does and why his music is relatable and resonate with the intended audience.

Blacko Is A Great Storyteller

First off, here are 3 things that strike us about him; more importantly, we know Blacko is a great storyteller as evidently shown in his music. He is able to paint  pictures with words in such a way that captures the  feelings of his audience. He puts you in the scene; so you’re basically in his shoes which makes every lyric believable. Sometimes these stories aren’t even about him, just things people are dealing with on the daily. If you ask us, this is what makes his storytelling great.

This may come off crazy but the stories blacko narrates in his music conveys the “10 Immutable Laws of Storytelling” put together by the African Leadership University and we believe this is what makes him a Genius,

As a result of the research conducted, the team came into conclusion that,

  • Stories are always about people. Evidently proven that Blacko’ stories aren’t always about him, rather his family, friends and other times about his childhood struggles.
  • The people in your story have to want something. In his second sermon, Blacko speaks of a con man who defrauded him and his friends of a huge amount of money they earned by internet frauding and are bent on claiming what’s theirs.
  • Stories need to be fixed in time and space. On his first sermon he speaks about moving to Accra during a period in his life to hustle, emphasizing how nobody knew how he survived the whole time.
  • Stories speak the audience’s language. Blacko is able to communicate his thoughts in languages that are widely spoken by his audience, predominately Twi and English. The most widely spoken languages in Ghana.
  • Stories stir up emotions. This is easy to say. Blacko is able to pull you in on his feels and emotions whilst delivering his message. Also on his performance at the just ended 3music awards show, He had an entire audience enraptured in a magical and remarkable moment, simply iconic! Taking us back to a similar performance of Stormzy’s Blinded By Your Grace live concert at the BRITs in 2018. 


Now to the second reason why we think Blacko is special is how audible and unique his voice is, which gives him a distinct clarity on the microphone. A voice so unique it almost makes you feel  it was auto-tuned.

blacko’s consistency in his narrative style is incomparable

The third and final reason why we think Blacko is a genius at what he does is the consistency in his narrative style, it’s incomparable. An approach which always leaves you wanting more and anticipating the next feature release.

Blacko just stays real, lives his truth, never comes up as braggadocious and makes good music which eventually is paying off.